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Application: Naturally fermented with love cultures and probiotics inside and 5.5g of protein per 100g. Smooth tasting, grainy and creamy in texture. Fantastic for combining traditional and modern dishes.

Shelf Life: 8 weeks after production in unopened packaging at a storage temperature between 2-6 °C

After opening: Keep refrigerated at a storage temperature between 2-6 °C and consume within 5 days.


Water, rapeseed oil, pea protein from yellow peas (6,25%)*, potato starch mix (potato starch, potato protein), thickening agent: pectin (pectin, sugar),sugar, citrus fiber, sea salt, stabilizer: tricalcium phosphate, thickening agent: gellan gum, preservative: potassium sorbate, fermentation culture, vitamins D, B12.


Energy – 661 kJ/158 kcal
Fat – 13 g
Saturated Fat – 1.1 g
Total Carbohydrate – 4.6 g
Sugars – 1.6 g
Protein – 5.5 g
Salt – 0.8 g

Vitamins & minerals

Vitamin B12 – 0.375μg / 15%**
VIitamin D – 1 μg / 20%
Calcium – 120 mg 15%**