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Years of extensive R&D translated into unique dairy alternatives made of plants that are similar in taste & structure & visually, compared to traditional dairy. Based on yellow split pea protein, using fermentation.
Allergen free dairy alternatives
Peas, the most sustainable solution.
Why we use the yellow split pea as base ingredient in all our products? The yellow split pea is the most sustainable ingredient today. It can be sourced locally, has a high nutritional value and the plant takes nitrogen from the air and puts it in the soil. What this means for all of us, you can read on our blog.
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Tasty, creamy m!lk.

Created out of pure proteins found in split peas, this alternative is tasting like actual dairy. Simply without lactose, gluten and any other allergen side effects.

With a mix of yellow split peas and compassionate caring craft, we present a kind, modern way to get the full dairy taste – without the need for animal products. As a company of the 21st century, we carve our path by respecting mother nature.

Soon available in Tetrapak 1L packaging and powder form.

Benefits of our m!lk

- high nutritional value
- great taste
- creamy
- foams up (suitable for baristas)
- based on pea protein

Some of our Products

Curd Cheeze

Whippable Cream

Cream Cheeze

From Latvia.
Founded in Latvia in 2021, by Ivars Orlovs and Michel Wettstein. Got Foods started out-of-home and is growing to become the trusted supplier to renowned foodservice companies such as REITAN, COOP, JUMBO and more, across Europe.
Private label or custom product?

All products are developed by food scientists at Got Foods. We can also custom develop products to your needs. Just reach out, we would be happy to learn about your requirements!